Thank you so much for shopping with our boutique! We have been at this for almost 5 years now!! Crazy how time flies! The items in our shop are geared toward sparkle!!! If you do not see something that you are interested in please let us know as we do custom work as well!! We have done artwork, sewing machines, pimp cups and many many other items that we do not "post up"! 

We are so thankful for your business and we hope to send some bling your way very soon!!!!


All items must be paid for at checkout. 

In some cases we do offer a deposit and final payment before shipping, but this is mostly used on orders over $200.00. If you are wanting to do this type of payment ALL deposit is lost if you decide to cancel the order or if the final payment results in non-payment!

Non Payment and Storage

All items ordered must be paid in full 7 days after completion. If after 7 days the item/items are not paid in full we will transfer them into storage and you will incur a $5 weekly charge that will have to be paid in full along with final payment before shipping. If after 30 days of the item/items being completed payment is not made in full you will lose your full deposit and the items will be sold. The overdue storage fees will then be applied to your next order.


We ship our products out through USPS and now offer all domestic packages to be insured for your safety as well as ours. For our custom orders we typically ship those via Fedex and they to are insured for your safety.

Refunds and Exchanges

Due to the fact of our items being made to order we currently do not accept returns. Please keep in mind that every item is done by hand so some variances will occur. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Custom Orders

All custom orders require a 50% non refundable deposit that will be applied to your order. If in the process of items being made or before items have been made you decide to cancel or change your order details the deposit can be applied or kept as a store credit and applied to future orders per our discretion. If materials have already been purchased and work has begun and you cancel the order the deposit will be forfeited. If you receive your order and are displeased with the final product contact us to discuss any necessary corrections or repairs. During the custom order process we work closely with you and once you have approved the item and design details it cannot be changed or repaired without further payment. If work has been completed and you cancel your order final payment is still due. You will have 7 business days after orders are completed or the order and deposits will be forfeited and further collection actions will be taken. We are very firm on our custom order policies so if you do not agree to them please make your order with another company.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Due to our items being made to order, we have many orders at the same time. We complete orders in the order they were placed, so with this being said you may have a wait time of a few weeks.  If you are ordering for a certain event and need it by a certain date please let us know and we will work hard to complete it by this date. We also have an option to purchase a "Rush Order" option so that your order will be bumped to the top of the production list. Most of the time with this option your order will go out within a day or 2 depending on the order!


Our items are novelty items. We strictly use non toxic glue for the safety of our clients!!! All of the rhinestones placed on our items are glued by hand and are secured well but we cannot guarantee that any of the rhinestones will not come off. We recommend that our items be used with adult supervision and that if you see your child picking at or chewing on the rhinestones to discontinue use. Proper care for our items would be to not dish wash, microwave, or boil, and wash by hand with warm soapy water. Do not soak these items and dry them thoroughly. If dropped this can also cause rhinestones to become loose. If not taken care of properly rhinestones will come off. If you chose to use a sanitizer we recommend a light system vs a steam system!

We have used these items on our own children here at Born to Bling Boutique with no harm to their well being or any other problems. Buyer is fully responsible for any incidents that may occur while in use.




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