Care Instructions

Blinky & Bottle Care

Wash in warm water, using a soap of your choice.  Place a dollop of soap on the Blinky, bottle, or other crystallized item from B2B.  Then use a bottle brush to scrub your items clean.  Rinse thoroughly of all soap, the dry with a towel of your choice.  If you feel your item needs to be "shined" use a bit of isopropyl alcohol on a Q-tip or rag to reshine your item!  If you are wanting to use a sanitizing system we suggest using a light system vs a steam, as the steam can soften the adhesive.  

Clothing Care Instructions

Lace Tops:

HAND WASH!!! If you purchase a crystallized lace top or onesie, you may notice your crystals trying to come off.  Turn the garment inside out and run a warm iron over the area.  As the lace is not solid, the crystals have little to adhere to.

Ruffled Dresses, Tops, or Pants:

Wash these item on gentle, hang to dry, and once dry place them in your dryer for a few minutes (5 or so) to fluff the ruffles.  If you notice your crystals trying to come off, turn the garment inside out and run a hot iron over that area!


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